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Statement of Alejo Vidal Quadras member of European Parlament

Podeu enviar aquesta carta al President del Parlament Europeu. Ha d'anar circulant,

Asunto: Statement of Alejo Vidal Quadras member of European Parlament

Dear sir,

As a Catalan and European, I want to express my great concern because of the statements made today (september 2012, the 28th) by Mr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, member of the European Parliament,  against the Catalans' right to decide their national future, asking for  a Spanish army-led action  against Catalonia, its citizens and its democratic institutions if we decide democratically to secede from Spain.

As you can understand, the statements made by Mr Alejo Vidal-Quadras seem to come from a non-democratic minded person, and they dangerously remember me the fascist military regime from Franco's dictatorship. Furthermore, that speech sinks the European Parliament democratic prestige in a total disrepute.

I hope you will take the proper actions to discipline Mr. Vidal-Quadras and prevent future similar non-democratic attitudes by other European Parliament members.

As a Catalan I expect a clear declaration of the European Parliament against the use of armed force against nations implementing  the most basic democratic and human right: the self-determination right.

Yours sincerely,
(la vostra signatura)

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